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Our Vision

Become the leading, trustworthy, most relevant and reliable corporate travel management solution and business partner in Indonesia and South East Asia.

Our Missions

Create a better business trip experiences for business travelers; so they can focus on the reasons why they have to be there.

Simplify manual works and business processes required; to save everyone’s time and unnecessary costs.

Create new services capabilities for travel related services providers; to better serve customers' needs and expectations.




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Johanes (Joe) Chang

Founder & Managing Director

Johanes Chang or Joe Chang has over than 20 years of professional experiences in travel, tourism, hospitality, e-commerce, lifestyle, fin-tech, and new breed of startups.

He learned and climbed professional ladder through multiple roles and responsibilities; from ground operations, business development and partnerships, customer services and relationships management, offline and online marketing, to strategic business model creation and key decision making.

He founded and officially established Biztrips in 2017 to offer an affordable, relevant, and reliable solution to long-existing pains in managing business trips for companies and organizations, as well as for travel related services providers.