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Biztrips Group (PT. Biztrips Teknologi Multimedia Solusi) was established in 2017.


The company is offering a wide range of easy-to-adopt travel related management solutions for industry stakeholders; from consulting services for digital transformation preparation to adoption stages – covering people, process, and operations; technology as services and enabler to drive effectiveness and efficiencies; to digital business support services that helps small-to-medium business owners and managers who wanted to start or just started to their digital business journey.


The Founder, Johanes Chang, is a serial entrepreneur who was a professional with 20 years of experiences in Indonesia’s travel, tourism, and hospitality related industries.  He started his professional journey from being travel consultant, a frontline role that identify customer needs and offer best possible solutions in a local travel agency, then climb the ladder through various key functional roles such as operations, production, supply-chain-management, sales, and marketing; to strategic roles related to travel and digital lifestyle industries in fast growing multinational companies.


Today, the company has been providing its services to serve many small local to medium multinational companies in Indonesia.





Biztrips is a cloud-based travel approval and expense management solution that help companies and travel agencies to better manage business trip activities and costs effectively.


Corporate Travel Indonesia is the first destination site for corporate travel related products, services, information, insights, references, and recommendation in bahasa Indonesia.


Connextrav is a consulting firm that offer digital transformation services for travel related brands and professionals, from preparation to adoption stages.


FrontRow is a digital business support services provider for travel brands in Indonesia; from website services, social media services, content services, to  marketing services.


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